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Giveaway Winners! | Rope Knits

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered the giveaway. I was honestly worried that no one would enter at all and how embarassing would that have been (insert blushy emoticon here). I really appreciate your interest in my patterns and the nice messages you left.

There were 49 entries in all including the followers, Twitterers, etc. In case anyone is wondering, I assigned a number to each one (thank you, Excel!) and used Random.org to select four of them. I thought about doing something cute like asking my kids to choose numbers between 1 and 49 but I figured they’d skew on the lower side of the scale. This seemed like the most fair way to go.

Now, the winners (drumroll, please)…

Our three single pattern winners are:
youngdiamond (Anonymous)

I’ll get in touch with each of you to ask which your preferred pattern is. (JanL, I’m not sure if JanL is your Ravelry name and what the best way to contact you is–if you don’t hear from me, please give me a shout!)

Our full set winner is
This was really fun and I will definitely do it again sometime so if you didn’t win this time, please keep your eyes out for future giveaways. In the meantime, Tina over at Peacefully Knitting is having a giveaway for a free market pass to Vogue Knitting Live. If you’re planning on being anywhere near New York City January 21-23, this would be a lot of fun!
Again, thank you to everyone who entered. Happy holidays to all and as always, happy knitting!

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