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Snow Day! | Rope Knits
The weather people predicted 1-3 inches of snow…
We got a little more than that.

The nice thing is that even our scruffy little backyard looks rather romantic (at least until the kids have had a go at it).

Chubby-chan was unamused. She refused to be put down and I had to take this photo of her at a rather awkward angle while holding her.

Big Kid and Middle Child, on the other hand, were very enthusiastic and announced plans to make a Really, Really Big Snowball.

This is Middle Child, told to “Look adorable!”

This morning’s activities didn’t yield the hoped-for Christmas card-worthy photo, but fun was had.


One Response to Snow Day!

  1. westknits says:

    Wow! That's a lot of snow. I wish it would snow that much here. We just got our first snow days that were barely an inch deep, but it was still white and beautiful.

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