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And the Winner of the Name that Cowl Contest Is… | Rope Knits
Man with sports car outside Virginia House

laurahq who wrote:

“roadster” – since it’s a convertible…

which was unexpected but appealing. I like the sporty-but-romantic connotations and thought it was a good fit for the cowl. Congrats, Laura! I’ll send you a copy of the Roadster Cowl pattern and whichever other pattern you’d like.

But there were so many good, fun entries and it was really hard to choose. So I decided we’d have a couple of runners-up who will get a copy of the cowl pattern alone.

The first one goes to Lizzie Boredom who came up with such a lovely description:

Call it “Tioga”. The whole thing reminds me of crisp mornings spent in Tioga State Forest in Pennsylvania. The stitch pattern reminds me of the trees. The shape is reminiscent of the many trails and the color alone is enough to evoke the color of the sky in the mornings, as well as your breath if you’ve slept out under the stars.

(But Lizzie–I don’t know how to reach you! Give me a shout at sarah{at}ropeknits[dot}com and let me know how to contact you!)

The next goes to Laurel (Architectress on Ravelry) who wrote:

Double Dutch – The pattern reminds me of big squishy braided rope & it has a double function

which I thought was clever and original.

And finally to my mother who didn’t technically enter because she e-mailed me rather than leaving a comment and since she’s my mother she gets copies of any of my patterns anyway but I liked her response:

Some names that came to mind in the River Tweed vein….Rhymer’s Glen.  Thomas the Rhymer (sitting under the Eildon Tree) saw a beautiful lady on a white horse coming towards him.   She was the Queen of the Faeries and persuaded Thomas top go to Faerieland for seven years.   Another, not related to the Borders is Isle of Skye. 

Many, many thanks to everyone who entered! The pattern is now available on Ravelry for $3.

See more photos here.


One Response to And the Winner of the Name that Cowl Contest Is…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, this is great! There were so many great suggestions that I wasn't expecting to win. Thanks so much for the beautiful pattern – now I have to choose among your many other lovely ones. Thank you again – I'm glad you liked my suggestion!

    – Laura (laurahq)

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