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Oooh, Sock Summit! | Rope Knits

My surprisingly restrained haul

A few weeks ago, several months after it dawned on the rest of the world, I realized that Sock Summit was coming. And I realized that, living as I now do about an hour away from the center of Portland, I could go!

Unfortunately, I was too late to sign up for any of the classes I’d have liked to take, but that wasn’t enough to stop me. First highlight was meeting fellow designer and Ravelry friend StephCat for lunch.  Not surprisingly, she was very nice and full of ideas and enthusiasm.

And then there was The Marketplace. The Marketplace is just that: a huge array of yarn companies, yarn stores, and book sellers/publishers, all selling their wares. Interspersed with the fiber, were vendors selling less obvious goods such as hand cream, back rubs, jewelry and hand-painted clogs. All in all, a feast for the senses.

Now it’s possible that if you were around when we were moving all our stuff two months ago, you might have heard me swearing that I was never buying any more yarn. And really, given the extraordinary temptation that surrounded me, I was very restrained.

This being the first chance I’ve had to look through several Japanese stitch dictionaries, I leapt at the chance to buy the one that I liked best (not that it was an easy decision–I’ll definitely be back for more). The big skein of yarn is called Luxe B (50% merino. 50% silk, color: Mango Pa-Pay-Pay) by Alpha B Yarn. I was delighted to find that the dyer of said yarn lives just on the other side of Portland in Vancouver, WA, and I hope I will run into her and her lovely fibers again.

And those were my ONLY purchases. The mini-skeins were free samples, handed out in  pretty baskets like candy by Grinning Gargoyle and Miss Babs. I look forward to playing with them soon.

I do have a few regrets. Almost as soon as I was back on the train, I was sorry I hadn’t bought something from Wild Orchids Fiber Arts. The lovely proprietor specializes in all-natural dyes and some very luxurious fibers. Admittedly, I’m drawn to more vibrant colors, but both her dyed and undyed yarns were beautiful. For a long time, my hand hovered over an extraordinary alpaca/mink(!) blend and now I do rather wish I’d bought it. It was crazy soft–and how often do you get to brag about having mink yarn in your stash? And the Grinning Gargoyle carried a nice silk/merino DK blend that just happened to come in my all-time favorite shade of green. Oh, maybe I should have…

No matter. I took names, I took numbers, I took web addresses. I’m going to knit above skein into something lovely and once that’s done, I may just spring for the mink.




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  1. Elizabeth says:

    That sounds really neat and fun. Thanks for posting!

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