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Sweating the Small Stuff (= More Knitting?) | Rope Knits

The pebble in your shoe is bigger than you think.

Earlier this week during a bout of insomnia-inspired internet surfing, I somehow got to this blog post, the gist of which is this:

Every time you make REPEATED contact with aggravating tasks and situations, you make a conscious or unconscious choice to endure (the root of the word endure is ‘to suffer’,) and to settle with less-than-ideal…When you fix the stuff that’s picking at you, you get relief, and that freshness helps you focus on the big stuff.

A little flash of something went off in my head.

Energy Leak #1: Our mudroom/laundry room is by the backdoor and is consequently the first thing you see when you walk into the house. It’s become the Place for Things That Don’t Belong Anywhere Else. Empty cardboard boxes were stacked up, the recycling bin we keep there was overflowing, the laundry basked never got completely emptied, shoes surrounded a broken shoe rack, and the brooms and the ironing board competed for whatever space was left.

Wednesday morning, I fixed the shoe rack, did ALL the laundry, swept the floor and got the boxes and the recycling down to the recyling center. It’s still not the prettiest room in the house but every time I walk through it now, I realize how oppressive it was and how much more open and organized it now feels.

Energy Leak #2: Chubby-chan and I share a three-drawer dresser. Over the past few months it’s become increasingly disorganized: Chubby-chan tries to get things out and messes everything up; in a hurry, I stuff it all back in again without re-folding. I couldn’t find my socks because they were in her drawer, couldn’t find her dress because it was in mine. I could literally no longer shut the drawers because STUFF was constantly spilling out of them.

Thursday morning, I emptied all three drawers onto the bed. I sorted out Chuby-chan’s outgrown clothes and put anything we weren’t wearing regularly in a box for the attic. I put all Chubby-chan’s socks in a ziplock bag and made a compartment for my own socks and underwear. I folded everything that was left and put it neatly in the drawers—which now open and shut without any effort on my part.

The Knitting: I’ve been working on a winter shawl over the past few weeks, a big, warm, cabled thing. It’s a pretty simple pattern but it hasn’t been going particularly quickly. I’ve had limited time to knit and when I finally had the chance to get a few inches done I then had to rip out 8 or 9 very long rows to fix a mistake. Then I proceeded to make the same mistake in the  same place another two times. It took me more than a week to get through one 120 yd ball.

The Result: Last night, I realized I’d knit up the next ball in just two days, no mistakes.

Coincidence? Placebo effect? Magic?

I can’t tell you, but I’m enjoying my clean mudroom and tidy drawers and I’m now cruising through this shawl.

Am I crazy? Anyone else have an “energy leak” story to share?



4 Responses to Sweating the Small Stuff (= More Knitting?)

  1. Sara says:

    Oh, do I have Energy Leaks – all over my house! I moved almost a year ago – and I am still living out of boxes!

    Can’t begin to tell you how much you just inspired me to get my rear-in-gear! Thank you so much…

  2. Sarah/Rope says:

    Hi Sara–good luck and let me know how it goes!

  3. Sarah says:

    Ooooh, interesting! The ramifications are enormous. The hard part is to pinpoint a couple of energy leaks and get moving on them. At least I have several to choose from … !

    • Sarah/Rope says:

      No shortage here, either and a few more have sprung since I posted 🙂 But let me know if you think it works–we could be on to a whole new theory of the universe here!

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