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Pattern News: Finchley Road, Tsuwano, and Nashua Lace Top | Rope Knits

Just some quick updates:

1. Just discovered that the baby above is now for sale on Patternfish. I sold the rights to it when I designed it for Nashua so I won’t make any more money from it, but if you buy it you’re supporting Patternfish, which is a great company.

2. Probably obvious from the sidebar over the the left, but Tsuwano is now available for sale. (Psst! Use coupon code HAPPYNEWYEAR until end of the day Monday, January 16 for 40% off). And check out the projects on Ravelry!

3. Also having a Buy One, Get 50% Off Another sale on the Finchley Road Series: Shawl, Hat and Cowl. This promotion should apply automatically but I think it will work only if you use the “add to cart” feature (not Buy Now). Let me know if you have any problems and I’ll make it right. This promotion lasts indefinitely.

And that’s it for now! Thanks for checking in.


One Response to Pattern News: Finchley Road, Tsuwano, and Nashua Lace Top

  1. Jennifer says:

    I bought the Nashua book w this pattern in and am having issues with the swatch done in the little leaf pattern. While it says 6+11 you cast on 18 and I always come out w an extra stitch. What am I missing? Help please, it’s a lovely piece and I’m really excited about making it. Thanks!


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