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9 Things You Can Do with Gift Wrap (Other Than Wrap Gifts) | Rope Knits
Hate throwing away beautiful gift wrap once it’s been used? Don’t know what to do with those little pieces left over after you’ve wrapped up your nephews’ Transformer toys? Here are some ideas:
  1. For sheer originality, you can’t do better than decoupaging your party shoes (hint: don’t wear these out in the snow). 
  2. You can further accessorize your holiday outfit with some striking paper beads
  3. Give a gift decorated with a simple bow
  4. ….or dress it up even more with a really cool bow
  5. Make some simple ornaments
  6. Make somewhat more complicated ornaments.
  7. Make flowers (calls for crepe paper but I think you could wing it).
  8. Make envelopes (very nice for giving gift cards or cash).
  9. And of course, you can’t have a list like this without some Christmas origami.
For many, many other ideas (several of which could turn into decorations for your Christmas tree), visit How About Orange.

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