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Luxe B Yarn and Summer Shawl Pattern Giveaway! | Rope Knits

To celebrate my latest pattern and that fact that my two older kids are now back at school, I’m having a little giveaway this week. The lucky winner will both a copy of the Summer Is a State of Mind pattern AND a skein of Alpha B Luxe B yarn with which to make it.

A little bit about the yarn: fingering weight, 50% merino, 50% silk, 437 yards. The colorway of the giveaway skein is called Glass Floats, a subtly variegated pale blue-y green with hints of yellow. Retails for $34. It’s very pretty and it is taking a great deal of willpower not to just keep it for myself.

You can read more about the pattern here or check out the Ravelry page to see what other people are doing with it.

To enter the giveaway, you can do one or all of the following:

  1. Ok, here’s my embarrassing confession: when I moved over from Blogger to WordPress, I lost all my followers. There’s some incredibly simple way of fixing this and getting them all back but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what it is. SO, in an effort to get back to where I was, I’m asking entrants to sign up to follow the blog. Just hit the RSS symbol in the upper right and follow the instructions, then leave a comment below saying you’re now signed up.
  2. Follow me on Twitter. Click on the cute little bird icon at the top of the page, follow me, then leave a comment below letting me know.
  3. Tweet about this giveaway. Again, leave a comment letting me know.

Right now, comments are moderated so don’t be concerned if they don’t show up immediately. PLEASE make sure you leave a valid e-mail address when you comment, otherwise I won’t know how to get in touch with you.

You can enter anytime until 11:59 pm (PST), Saturday, September 17. A winner will be chosen at random and I’ll announce the name on Sunday. Anyone is welcome to enter. If you live within the continental USA, I’ll send the yarn out priority mail on Monday; if you live anywhere else,  I may send it by a slower/cheaper method.

Have fun and good luck!

PS Be sure to leave separate comments for each entry–that way I can simply assign a number to each entry and won’t miss any. Thanks!





53 Responses to Luxe B Yarn and Summer Shawl Pattern Giveaway!

  1. Lindaran says:

    I’ve just signed up as a (new!) follower of your blog. You have some beautiful patterns.

  2. Anne Marie says:

    I’ve just added Rope Knits to my ever-increasing list of knitting related RSS Feeds. So glad to discover it. Everything about the yarn you are parting with (which I couldn’t by the way; such strength of will!) reminds me of finding smooth pieces of glass at the beach growing up on the central coast of California. If summer is a state of mind, perhaps location is as well and I can imagine myself back on the west coast as I knit this amazingly lucious yarn (which I’m SURE to win!) on my Nebraska porch.Rav amchart

  3. Rebecca says:

    Gorgeous pattern and yarn, and great timing! I just yesterday decided to start using an RSS reader to follow some blogs, so now I’ve figured it out and have subscribed to Rope Knits too. Thanks!

  4. Amy says:

    I am a new follower.

  5. Amy says:

    I follow you on Twitter.

  6. Amy says:

    I tweeted about your giveaway (PrmntMochaMama)

  7. Ashley Nicole Parker says:

    I just started following your blog! LOVE it! Great giveaway. Oh, I am also now following you on twitter (I’m PiecesofNicole), and I tweeted about the giveaway! I really want to win this! It’s so beautiful! Thank you for being so generous!

  8. Felicity Stryjak says:

    I THINK I started following your blog. I’ve not tried the RSS thingy before, so I’m not sure I’ve done it right, but I certainly hope so. It’s a lovely pattern and yarn I couldn’t bear to part with.

    I’m FelicityS on Ravelry

  9. Amy Lounsberry says:

    BEAUTIFUL yarn and a perfect pattern to use it. I hope to be the lucky recipient.

    amyknit40 on rav

    now off to follow your blog

  10. Connie says:

    I am a new follower.

  11. Michaela says:

    That is a beautiful shawl, I really love the shape of it. And the yarn is pretty, too. To win this would make the start of my school semester so much sweeter 🙂

  12. Michaela says:

    Sorry to post twice, but I totally forgot to mention that I am now following your blog. I just got home from school, my brain is fried 🙂

  13. Emily says:

    I now follow you on Twitter (@knittingviolets).

  14. Emily says:

    I tweeted about your giveaway (@knittingviolets).

  15. Emily says:

    I follow your blog on RSS now!

  16. Susan Ipavec says:

    I love the yarn and the shawl pattern looks gorgeous! I am a new RSS follower of your blog.

  17. Susan Ipavec says:

    I also follow you on Twitter–I’m knittingmama

  18. Kristin says:

    I subscribed to your blog!

  19. Kristin says:

    Also, followed you on Twitter!

  20. Laura says:

    I follow you on Twitter!

  21. Sara says:

    I just signed up to follow you with my google reader – and looking forward to keeping up with your blog…

  22. BloreKnitter says:

    I have you on my RSS reader now. Love, love, love the shawl. It is soooo delicate and pretty.

  23. Judi A. says:

    That yarn is so beautiful! I’m sure it would make a beautiful “Summer Is a State of Mind” shawl.
    I signed up to be a follower.


  24. Knittingdancer on Ravelry says:

    I am following your blog through Google Reader. I love knitting shawls and the blue green yarn will make a beautiful Summer is a State of Mind shawl.

  25. Debbie H says:

    I signed up to follow your blog. Debbie H

  26. Debbie H says:

    I’ve been resisting signing up for Twitter, but I had to to try and win this. So I’m following you on Twitter. Debbie H DebbieGussek on Twitter

  27. Debbie H says:

    I tweeted about your contest. thanks, Debbie H DebbieGussek on Twitter.

  28. Rose says:

    I’m now following your blog through myyahoo. My first blog following ever and I love it. You are so very talented and I would love to win your very generous gift. I cannot understand how you can bear to part with that lovely yarn.

  29. lorraine says:

    lovely giveaway! im following your blog through my yahoo reader! thanks!!

  30. Nadine B says:

    Followed on Google Reader

  31. Nadine B. says:

    Following you on Twitter

  32. Nadine B says:

    And retweeted about your wonderful giveaway. That is a lovely pattern and it would look amazing that yarn.

  33. Sue H says:

    I signed up. Sorry – don’t do twitter.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. Knittinggirl says:

    I would love to enter your giveaway!

    I’m following your blog with the RSS feed thingy.

    Knittinggirl13 on rav

  35. KathyN says:

    just signed up as a follower! What a fabulous giveaway!

  36. Jane T says:

    Hi, just signed up for your blog. I’ll look forward to reading about your knitting adventures…and maybe I’ll win the yarn and pattern. Thanks!

  37. Followed you on twitter! Love the shawl design, it’s very pretty.


  38. Adri Trollip says:

    Lovely pattern and yarn… Fingers crossed!

  39. Chris Graff says:

    Following, tweeting, and hoping! I saw this as the featured pattern on Ravelry and the yarn is gorgeous. Hoping for a miracle now!

  40. Nurcha says:

    ola. the term (1-3) is all done. now hoping that i will be the winner. hope me from indonesia win :), thank you

  41. Laura B says:

    I just signed up for your blog and I’m so excited about this giveaway because I queued this pattern long before you put it up on Ravelry! It’s such a beautiful shawl!!!! I really hope I win!

  42. Laurice says:

    I just started following your blog on my google reader! I LOVELOVELOVE the yarn. I am also a sucker for a great shawlette. It’s gorgeous!

  43. ne-knopka says:

    I am following on twitter-annakulu

  44. ne-knopka says:


  45. Teri Robinson says:

    I subscribed as a follower. Thanks for the wonderful give-away!


  46. Gwendolyn Trudeau says:

    I follow your blog! Love the color.

  47. Gwendolyn Trudeau says:

    I also follow you on twitter. Newg69

  48. Jean A. says:

    I follow your blog on RSS, which is how I found out the giveaway. I’m off to follow you on Twitter now…Thanks!

  49. Jean A. says:

    I’m also following on Twitter @jashleyslc

  50. Jean A. says:

    I just tweeted about the giveaway too (@jashleyslc).

  51. Carmen says:

    I now follow you in Twitter (cmouse01)

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