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Introducing Cathy O’Donnell, The Innocent | Rope Knits

Is she truly "Innocent"?

Sanguine Gryphon has just published its Film Noir line, including Cathy O’Donnell, a hat pattern I did for them. It’s an easy, quick little knit that uses less than one skein of SG’s Codex yarn, a lovely, single-ply silk/merino blend.

You want to know what a geek I am? SG asked me to send a little blurb  introducing the pattern (I hate having to do stuff like this). I came up with:

Every femme fatale needs a tilted hat from under which she can cast sultry glances at the hero. This knit version of the classic pillbox is made in two easy pieces and uses less than a skein of Codex. Make it while watching Bacall teach Bogart how to whistle.

Then I was up half the night wondering if the film it refers to, To Have and Have Not, can truly be considered “noir” given its conscientious hero and happy ending and worrying that film purists throughout the knitting world would scoff at the reference. (Who spent too much time in grad school?)


I’ve enjoyed SG’s previous pattern collections but I think they’ve done a particularly good job this time around of building a cohesive collection and I hope you’ll have a look at all of the patterns. Magazines and yarn companies sometimes talk about a “story” for their seasonal lines but Sanguine Gryphon has put a literal twist on the idea. If you’re on Facebook, you can see the entire collection—and try to solve the mystery.


One Response to Introducing Cathy O’Donnell, The Innocent

  1. SarahC says:

    Very cute! And I LOVE the name of the yarn color: Swamps of Despair.

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