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Happy Memorial Day! | Rope Knits

Look what Big Kid and Middle Child found in the field—summer is off to a good start.

Got a couple of busy weeks ahead. At long last, we’ve bought a house (!) and will be moving across town the first week of June. This is good news—we’ve been looking for more than a year now and though we made several bids, nothing worked in our favor (for several months we were working with an agent who, we now realize, wasn’t really up to the task). The new house is beautiful and even comes with a view of the mountains—we’re very excited.

But it’s also a mixed blessing; we’ll miss the big fields behind our current house and of course we’ll miss our sheep. I try to remind myself that we won’t miss the busy highway that runs past the front of the house or the fact that there’s only one bathroom, and I’ll be happy to move to a place where we can stroll along the streets and meet the neighbors. But still, this has been a nice place to live.

Believe it or not, I do have some knitting stuff in the works. I’ll be re-releasing Honeysuckle in a week or two (the rights reverted back to me from CEY and I’m working up a new sample now) and we should have news on the book very soon. I anticipate review copies at least by mid-to-late June and pictures sooner than that. So stay tuned and in the meantime, enjoy the beginning of summer!




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